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How To Buy The Right Sofa

Published: 16/04/2014

When you buy a sofa, you are making a considerable investment. To choose the right sofa and make sure your money is well spent, you should take a few moments and consider the following points to ensure you buy the right sofa and don't make a purchase that you regret!

Buy The Right Size of Sofa

Choosing the right size sofa might sound like a bit of an obvious suggestion. But you wouldn't be the first person to regret not getting the tape measure out before buying when they discover their new sofa was too big for its intended space. Remember to measure all dimensions for all pieces of furniture that you buy and check that they are suitable for your room space.

The most common mistake people make when measuring up for a new sofa is to consider if it will fit through their doorway, stairs, porch and hallway. You may need to know if the furniture legs, castors and cushions are removable to allow you manoeuvre your sofa in to its intended location.

Which Room and What Position?

In addition to the size of the sofa, you should consider the proportion of the room, the sofa(s)and any other furniture. Even if the sofa you purchase fits in the available space, it could be too much and be the cause of a cramped living space, especially when other existing items of furniture are taken in to consideration.

Do you require a more versatile arrangement? If you like to change the positioning of your furniture around from time to time, a corner group sofa might suit your requirements best in this situation.

Height of sofa should also be taken into consideration. If the sofa is going to be seated under a window you might want it to be below the level of your window sill. Or if you like to watch a lot of TV, being at the right height so your eyes are centre-screen is considered the most comfortable viewing position.

Buy The Right Type of Sofa

To satisfy this step of the process you need to ask yourself how many people will use your sofa and for what purpose? Here's a few examples -

  • If your new sofa will be situated in the home's primary living room, then it is more than likely going to get a lot of use. So comfort and practical considerations will likely be your top priority.
  • How many people do you regularly have in your living room at any one time? You want to ensure you have enough seats for everyone.
  • What are the ages of the people who will be using the sofa? An easy clean fabric is a wise choice if young children will be using the sofa. Alternatively, old people might struggle getting up from a low sofa.
  • Do you ever have guests sleep-over but don't have a spare room? Then a sofa bed might be just what you need.

As you can see, there's a bit more to choosing the perfect sofa or suite than you might think. Failing to give this section the necessary consideration can easily result in you buying a sofa that is less than ideal. Here at we are here to assist you and ensure you find the perfect sofa for you and your home.